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How Good Is Your Guarantee?

When you are promoting your programs and products, your marketing efforts should encourage prospects to take action quickly to purchase. I’m assuming you are already using scarcity (limited availability, limited time, low investment etc) to convert prospects in fast action takers, but today I want to talk about your guarantee. You see, not only does [...]

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Will You Ever Meet Your Ideal Client?

Is there someone you’d love to work with... your ultimate ideal client who you know you can make a difference to if only you could have the opportunity to meet them? It feels like a pipe-dream... you can’t see a way to ever make it a reality and you resign yourself to them never knowing [...]

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Do Your Business Numbers Add Up?

If I was to ask what it costs you to gain each new customer for your business, would you be able to tell me? How about if I asked you to tell me the lifetime value to you of each new customer? Or, the value of sales you generate through attending networking events versus your [...]

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Do Your Prices Reflect Your Worth?

Do you ever feel that you should be making a lot more money than you are? Are you experiencing a blockage where your income doesn't reflect your level of expertise... or the amount of hours you spend working in your business? Are there other people in your industry who you feel are making more money than you, [...]

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How To Quickly Become A Published Author | Part 2 | Getting Published

In last week’s blog I wrote about how you can become a published author very quickly when you utilise content that you have already created. Hopefully over the last week you’ve found the opportunity to start compiling your content, and giving serious thought to how your finished book will be set out. If you don’t [...]

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