Is there someone you’d love to work with… your ultimate ideal client who you know you can make a difference to if only you could have the opportunity to meet them?

It feels like a pipe-dream… you can’t see a way to ever make it a reality and you resign yourself to them never knowing who you are.

But you know, many Coaches, Trainers and Consultants do go on to work with their ultimate dream client… successful people don’t wait around for opportunities… they take the right actions and make stuff happen.

You need to get in front of the right people!

If you’ve ever read the comedian David Walliam’s story, he took every available opportunity to meet the people who inspired him… his heroes. He bought tickets to see their shows, hung around outside the stage door, took roles that would help increase his exposure… and eventually he got successful.

Define your success

Not lucky… successful. He worked hard for years before he reached his goals, and when he did, it was as a result of the years of hard work he had put in to make it happen.

In fact, if you take any successful person and read their personal journey, they all share the same traits; determination to succeed, resilience and making opportunities for themselves.

But we’re only talking about you getting to meet the one person you dream of working with… you can make that happen, can’t you?

So let’s think through a few ideas…

Where does your ideal client hang out?

Are you networking in the right places? It’s an “industry norm” that when you first start out in business, you should attend as many networking events as you can. So every week, you get along to a local event so you’re meeting lots of people.

But are they the right people? Are you meeting people who actually buy what you sell or are there lots of “tyre kickers” in the room… they make the right noises but when it comes to the crunch, they aren’t spending money.

Is your ultimate ideal client attending local networking events?

For many Coaches, Trainers and Consultants, they have found that it is only when they start thinking strategically about their networking activities that their business begins to grow rapidly.

They stop attending every local event and start going along to events where they know their ideal clients are hanging out.

Attend the right events! 

For example, I often speak at seminars for entrepreneurs and if you’ve ever attended any of my own events you’ll know what I’m talking about. The room is full of forward thinking, high energy business owners who are already investing in their business growth.

Would your networking activity be better targeted towards attending these events?

Some of these seminars also include an option to lunch with the event speakers… how valuable could that be for you if you had the opportunity to actually get in front of one of the speakers? Where could it lead for your business?

Who are you sharing a stage with?

If you’re leveraging your time by speaking already, could you share a stage with your dream client… or with someone who knows your dream client well?

At multi-speaker events, the speakers often hang around together off-stage… it’s like a community and quite often we will meet at other events too.

Imagine if you shared a stage, a quiet drink or conversation off-stage with one person who is already known and trusted by your dream client.

You got to know each other, they were impressed by you and dropped your name into their next conversation. How valuable could that be for you?

Who do they know?

Aside from attending the right events and meeting shared connections offline, Linked in is a fantastic tool for researching your ideal client online. It shows you how you are connected to them already.

So imagine you search for someone you’d love to work with, and Linked in notifies you that you are connected by somebody else who you know pretty well already.

Could they introduce you?

So do a bit of online research and keep your eyes open for seminars and events where your ideal client, or someone they know is speaking. Then you can make a plan for being in the room and getting creative about how you can get a chance to speak to them?

Fortune favours the brave as they say!

I’d like to invite you today to visualise yourself working with your dream client… then give some serious thought about what actions you can take to make it happen for yourself.

Make the commitment to your success that you will take action… focus on how you’ll feel once you are working together and concentrate your energy into reaching your goal.

So, what will you do today that will lead you one step nearer to your dream client?

Don’t you be guilty of limiting yourself.

Don’t reject the success and riches you deserve from speaking, simply because you FEAR it might not be true for you.

The only question you need to ask yourself and of me is “How?”

“How can you have everything in the world you could ever want?”

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