When you are promoting your programs and products, your marketing efforts should encourage prospects to take action quickly to purchase.

I’m assuming you are already using scarcity (limited availability, limited time, low investment etc) to convert prospects in fast action takers, but today I want to talk about your guarantee.

You see, not only does a strong guarantee demonstrate that you truly believe in your ability to add value to your clients in the work that you do… but it will also mean your offer is a “no-brainer” purchase.

If your prospects feel confident of having the guarantee to fall back on, if they don’t get the results you promise in your marketing… then what reason do they have NOT to buy now?!

So, let’s look at your guarantee;

Does it scare you?

Did you have palpitations when you wrote your guarantee? No? It’s not a good guarantee then! If it isn’t scaring you, then it won’t reassure your prospects.

If you expect lots of people to call you in on your guarantee, then you are either;

  • Promising too much in your marketing… only promise what you are confident of being able to deliver. 
  • Not confident enough in your own expertise or ability to add value to your clients. 

When you are on purpose and sharing your message that you were put on this earth to share, then you KNOW you can deliver results… right? Recognise that those self-limiting beliefs… the voices in your head that stop you from shining your light, are not the same thing as over-promising.

But seriously, if you do have stuff that is holding you back… if there is chatter going on in your head telling you that you’re not good enough to be successful… then I urge you to work on it. Leave those limiting beliefs in the past where they belong.

So, back to the guarantee… what can you offer in your guarantee that scares the socks off you but will provide bundles of reassurance to your prospects?

What makes a good guarantee?

How about a Hypnotist whose guarantee says;

“If you are not free of your phobia at the end of this 90-day program, and you have attended every session and fully completed all assignments, I will continue to work with you until the phobia is conquered at no cost”

Compare this to the same Hypnotist who promises;

“If you are not happy with my service you will get double your money back – no quibble”

The first guarantee is concise and measurable… there is a clearly defined time-span for delivery of the results, and clear guidelines for the client to adhere to in order to achieve the results.

The Hypnotist has confidence in their work and knows that they can achieve the objective for the client in the time period, (overcoming the phobia) but the consequences are also scary enough for the Hypnotist (potentially working for free.)

The client is reassured that the pain they are feeling now (the phobia) will be overcome during the course of this program… so feel confident in making the purchase.

The second guarantee, although promising a refund of double the investment, is not ideal as it is too wishy-washy. Setting a guarantee on whether a client is “happy with your service” is too subjective… their idea of good service will likely be different to yours.

There are no clearly defined boundaries in place so you risk someone calling in the guarantee because you failed to answer your phone within 3 rings, or you were 5 minutes late starting a session for example.

So to recap, be clear with;

What you are promising – E.g. overcoming of a phobia

The time period you expect these results to be delivered within – E.g. the length of your program

How your promise can be measured – E.g. fulfilling your promise to help the client overcome their phobia in 90 days

The consequences if you fail to deliver – E.g. full or double refund or you continue working with them for free.

What you expect of the client – E.g. attend every session and complete all assignments

Very few people will actually call you in on your guarantee, because you’re amazing at what you do. But if you do get somebody asking for a refund, don’t quibble about it.

It’s usually better to part as friends and honour your guarantee… you never know, they may go on to become a customer of a different program later.

Next time you sit down to compose your guarantee, get that heart racing… that’s when you know you’ve got a good’un!

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