Visionary. Coach.
Catalyst. Entrepreneur.
Activist. Protective Sister.
Toddler Wrangler. Seeker.

Dr Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm. Her message and work have directly impacted over 120,000 people on 4 different continents.

  • She is the Editor-in-Chief of HEALM magazine, a quarterly publication from women leading the change.
  • As founder of One of many™ she leads a movement of grassroots leadership training and coaching for women managers and entrepreneurs changing their corner of the world, with coaches in over 11 countries.
  • A successful entrepreneur, she has started and grown three successful small businesses, and is a highly sought after consultant to growing coaching and consulting businesses.
  • She is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning speaker. Thousands of graduates from her speaker training acknowledge it as the most transformational training on effective presentations on the planet.
  • She has certified over 1750 coaches, master coaches and trainers in behavioural change tools.
  • She is a committed financial investor in the work of The Hunger Project and has supported them by training over 70 fundraisers and facilitators globally.
  • She’s also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She has a very cool head, but a very big heart.

More about Joanna

Joanna qualified as a medical doctor and spent a number of months in oncology where the death of a favourite patient provided a wakeup call to get her life “on purpose”. Within 6 months she had changed career and was accepted to the prestigious Actors Centre Australia, where alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.
While enjoying acting, a desire for more led Jo to explore the field of human psychology, behaviour and growth. And in 2003 she launched her own coaching company in Sydney, with no network and no business experience. Within a year she had a thriving coaching practice, consulting with the likes of ANZ bank, John Fairfax Publishing and eBay.
In 2005 she became the of Head of Research and Training the fastest growing personal development company on the international stage at that time. In her final year with the company, the Australian partner company achieved the position as Business review Weekly’s 13th fastest growing company in Australia, due in no small part to Joanna’s new sales strategies, seminar re-design and extraordinary training expertise.

Joanna has delivered events and trainings often to audiences of up to 3000 at a time. She has certified over 1750 coaches, master coaches and trainers in behavioural change. And in the process, perfected her understanding of what it takes to make a successful training organisation.

The author of The Presentation Profits Blueprint , Joanna launched Shift Speaker Training in 2008, and it was an immediate success in both the UK and Australia. It exploded to 7-figures within 12 months. She went on to share her speaking success secrets with over 23000 business owners in her first 4 years, and personally worked with hundreds of business owners in her elite mentoring and coaching programs, commanding fees of up to $100,000 a year.

Her private client list reads like a who’s who list of industry luminaries in the UK, USA and Australia. She has consulted and trained start-up speakers, through to 8-figure business owners, board members to MBEs, TV personalities and celebrity speakers many of whom choose to keep their work with Jo confidential. Even a conservative estimate would place Jo’s impact on these businesses to be in the tens, if not hundreds of millions.

Joanna launched One of many in 2014 and with her team of collaborators has, over the last five years, reached over 60,000 women leaders helping them to increase their impact without burnout.  The tools and principles have been applied with women in industries across the spectrum: rail to real estate, pharma to finance, politics to police, manufacturing to medicine, law to life in general!

Her most fulfilling work is that which she does on behalf of The Hunger Project, a global, non-profit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Joanna and her husband Greg are conscientious investors of both their money and time. She co-created the powerful fundraising workshop “Rethinking What’s Possible” and has trained over 70 facilitators in the USA, Australia, UK, Germany and Holland. This initiative has been instrumental in fundraising hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments in this crucial work.

Despite being a prolific creator, author and trainer, above all Joanna is a mother, a protective sister and a concerned friend. She lives in a tiny village in the Cotswolds in England, in her quiet country retreat with Greg and her two nature-loving kids.

Like you I am just one of many women

and together we can change the world.

Dr. Joanna Martin