In last week’s blog I wrote about how you can become a published author very quickly when you utilise content that you have already created.

Hopefully over the last week you’ve found the opportunity to start compiling your content, and giving serious thought to how your finished book will be set out. If you don’t yet have content created, no doubt you’re busy planning how you’re going to pull it all together.

Today I want to talk about getting your book out there and available to buy… so you can begin generating an additional income stream from all the amazing knowledge you have in your head that your prospective customers will want to learn from you.

Publishing Contracts:

This is the traditional route that for many years was the only option available to authors hoping to get their manuscript published.

If you are seeking a publishing contract, consider purchasing a copy of the Writers and Artists Yearbook for your country… this is the “Who’s Who” of publishers, agents, newspapers and magazines and lists all the contact details and submission rules you need to know.

Publishers vary in how they accept manuscripts so be sure to research your preferred publisher to make sure you adhere to their criteria and have the best chances of being accepted.

Self Publishing – Physical Books

This was the alternative to publishing contracts in the past… for aspiring authors who were unable to attract a publisher, many would choose to self publish.

This method involves you financing the initial print run of paperback books, and then taking responsibility for the marketing and promotion to your audience. This option can cost several thousands of pounds/dollars but you do get to keep 100% of the sales revenue.

Print On Demand:

This is the newest and fastest growing area of publishing. Print On Demand enables you to upload your formatted book copy and images, and sell print copies of your book.

The Print On Demand Company… as you’d expect from the name… print copies of your book to fulfil each order as it arrives. Some companies charge a small fee for you to upload your book, others impose no charges upfront. Then the company charges you print costs per book.

This is usually a flat fee or percentage of each book sold. Your benefit is that you don’t have to pay a large sum upfront, but you can fund the print costs from the sales revenue.

Your book will also be available to buy very quickly.

Amazon is a big player in book retailing, so you’ll want to make your book available to purchase through the Amazon site. I would recommend that you either seek out a Print On Demand site that also places your book on Amazon… or use Amazon’s own Print On Demand service.

I haven’t used either of these sites personally, so I can’t recommend one over the other… but two sites you might want to look at are and which is an Amazon company.

Both of these sites also provide cover design software within the site… plus access to people who can take care of the design and formatting of your book on your behalf.

Will 2013 be the year you become a published author? Are you a published author already? Which route did you choose? Do you have any tips for your peers who are looking to get started?

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