a question…

Does anyone know where the saying "you must have killed a china-man" comes from?  Is it an Australian thing?  It's a bit weird.  I'm intrigued do other countries have different sayings for "gee you're having a run of bad luck at the moment!"?  (That's what our very odd saying translates as I think!)  I would [...]

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Joey’s absolutely don’t miss it recommended reading for 2008; or why London?

Hi guys, Many of you may now be wondering why on earth two perfectly sane Australians would want to drop everything, leave the land of sun and beaches (as wretched as the Port Melbourne beach may be!) and move to the land of the endless drizzle and the double decker bus. Well... same goes here!! [...]

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Look out London

Crumbs! Joey and Greg are coming to London. We've decided to pack up our lives in Melbourne and become itinerants for a while. Starting with good ol' London town. Why? Oodles of reasons really... I promise I will divulge more over the next few posts. But the main reason is why not?! We're getting lots [...]

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i love my friends

Hey! I'm in wodonga. That's almost as far north in victoria that you can get before it turns into new south wales. Its a country town where they notice the drought. Its dry here in australia. I'm here with Greg and our two friends who we're starting one of our businesses with. They have a [...]

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A great idea of a friend of mine

Hi guys, Check out this video (its not the most visually spectacular, but the message is a good one!) Worth having a look at their website and seeing how creative some entrepreneurs are ou there! Cheers, j xx

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