Hi guys,

Many of you may now be wondering why on earth two perfectly sane Australians would want to drop everything, leave the land of sun and beaches (as wretched as the Port Melbourne beach may be!) and move to the land of the endless drizzle and the double decker bus.

Well… same goes here!! Greg gave his notice at his job as an air traffic controller yesterday: something he has been fantasising about doing for about 5 years now I think. So things are looking definite! And the nerves are starting to set in for him. Not so much for me because as you know I’ve been a gypsy for about 3 years now. Actually I said to a friend of mine we were thinking about moving to London and he said “I wondered how long it would be… you are a bit of a rolling stone”.

So the whole thing has been inspired by the new life we are creating. As I said on a previous blog post, we are sailing, we have definite rules for business projects that we are taking on. Now these are bearing fruit, and all of a sudden it seems we’re not tied to Australia any more. Well, we’re not tied to anywhere. We are free agents. I love it. We can run our businesses from a laptop in London, Lisbon, or Launceston (why we’d want to run them from Launceston I can’t imagine, but that’s by the by).

Seriously you lot, the internet has absolutely transformed the way business can be done and it disturbs me how few people are aware of the leveraging power there. If you are living under a mushroom with regards to what’s available, for the love of God- please do yourself a favour and go out now and buy yourself this incredible book by Timothy Ferriss: The Four Hour Work Week.

I kid you not, it has absolutely transformed our lives. We were on this path really since July last year, but I bought this for Greg for Christmas and wow! (Yes, it was one of those presents you buy for someone coz really you want to read it, but don’t tell Greg. I had it finished before him… oops!) What Tim outlines in this book will really press some buttons. For a recovering workaholic like me it has triggered somewhat of an existential crisis. But all of that is fabulous as its leading to us actually consciously creating life just how we want it.

And right now… just what we want is to be in London. There’s loads of opportunities over there. I can’t wait to catch up with all you London folk. Perhaps we should arrange a big get together somewhere. Hmmm… yes I’ll put my thinking cap on. Any recommendations of where? (somewhere they could fit between 4 and 400… depending on how many people read this… this will be the acid test won’t it!!)

So, Joey’s recommended, no ESSENTIAL READING of 2008 is definitely the 4 hour work week. Buy it for all your friends too. Just don’t try to get it at the Port Melbourne Readings because we bought the last 4 copies! Oh… I’m adding Tim’s blog to my blogroll too. There’s simply too much to be learnt.

Have an awesome day you guys!

Love joey x