I’m in wodonga. That’s almost as far north in victoria that you can get before it turns into new south wales. Its a country town where they notice the drought. Its dry here in australia.

I’m here with Greg and our two friends who we’re starting one of our businesses with. They have a two and a half year old who is so fabulous. (She’s a taurus like me, so nearly three really)

Anyhow! I have to admit that I started writing this not knowing where it was going and it still hasn’t arrived.

But somewhere deep inside is the warm fuzzy feeling that I love these people. Maybe that’s just it. This whole week what has got me out of bed is my love for this family. Two beautiful people and their child.

Sometimes its not about business. Actually most of the time its not about business. I am so grateful for these wonderful people.

I hope you guys have equally wonderful friends, and if you don’t… Get the hell out there and make some you slackers!!