Hi guys,

Sorry to have been AWOL for a while… Greg and I have just returned from a fabulously successful trip to Sydney where we connected with some incredibly inspiring people and furthered a couple of our current business ventures. The entrepreneurial spirit is coursing through our veins! I have to say, the steps we took to consciously designing out life are really clear to see, and we are reaping the rewards of that every day.

You see, about 6 months ago, I was home for about a week between business trips for my role with Chris Howard. My partner Greg and I realised we weren’t living an extraordinary life. Solo, I was living a fabulous life, and he was living a good life, but as a couple it was a far cry from what we dreamed of… we hardly saw each other!

So at that time we sat down and talked about what an extraordinary life would look like together. We came up with a whole list of principles that excited us. We committed that every decision or action we took together would be in alignment with these principles. From these principles we came up with our “rules for business”. So we now have some rules that help us to decide whether any particular business venture is worth pursuing. It’s great to be able to say NO to a lot of things, because it means the yes-es are infinitely more attractive! Our rules include things like:

· Any venture has to be highly leverageable, so that every hour we invest pays over and over and over.

· It isn’t geographically specific, so we are free to travel when we wish

· We only do business with people we have fun with

· Every business must have a positive social impact

And there were about 5 or 6 others. Since employing these rules we have such clarity. Since starting our entrepreneurial journey together we have had dozens of business opportunities come our way, but our clarity means we can say no to the majority and only focus our energies on the few that suit us.

Which brings me to last weekend. Not only was it productive on many fronts, but we also had so much time to enjoy every moment.

joanna martin nelson







I found this little beauty!


joanna martin nelson 2

Have a look at her!

The ferry across from Mosman to Circular Quay was inspiring, waiting for a cab was exciting, business meetings at the MCA in Circular Quay were divine… There was magic in every moment. We wrapped up the trip with a party with Rick Otton on the harbour on Saturday night (yes… I sang Karaoke…) and we flew home Sunday morning. And then when it was all done… yesterday Greg and I took the another step toward our dream of owning and living on our very own yacht by heading out on the bay for a sail at the Royal Melbourne’s Open Day.

So… the moral of the story… there’s an art to designing a life, and you know you’ve got it right when business feels so easy I’m sure! Please share your thoughts…

Have a great day,

Love Joey x