Hi team,

Today it is my intent to sing the praises of every other human being on the face of the planet. Well, that might be a little superlative, but truly I am grateful for other people.

You see the wonderful thing about other people is that you make promises to them. This is of course a choice… but one I choose often. And the beauty of making a promise to someone is then you have to fulfil on that promise. And that in itself is enough to make you get out of bed some days. I remind you of the funny little cartoon in my last post (check out “why we should listen to our pets”) if you haven’t yet ). The dog is absolutely bamboozled as to why anyone would get up without there being knocking at the door. Well… promises to other people are knocks at the door.

This is why I will never again work in a “micro-business”… a one man show. Because the only people I would have to make promises to would be mu clients. Now don’t get me wrong… its pretty motivating if you haven’t got something prepared for a client… but you never make promises to your clients to work ON your business. When you work in a team you make promises to other members of your team. They depend on you for your strengths and you depend on them for theirs.

For example I’m currently helping my Dad set up his marketing system for his breakthrough sweating product (sweating I hear you ask?!…from Personal Development to Sweating?!… That’s another story for another day!). As you know this is one little element of all the things I’m working on at present, but the thing I am learning is how awesome it is to have a great team. I make a promise to Dad to have the system complete by this Friday… he makes a promise to me to have the DVD done in a fortnight… Laura promises…. Asha promises… we all make promises, and fulfil on those promises, and magically we have turned around what could have been a six month project in 3 months. I think its good to sometimes “have to get something done” because you made a promise to someone else.

And that brings me back to social entrepreneurialism. Here’s an idea I am toying with at the moment, and will likely implement as soon as I find the right organisation… Here’s how it goes: If you find a charity or an organisation that really speaks to you… make a big commitment to them… a big promise. Work out what you intend to make in revenue over the next 12 months, and commit 10% of that to the charity. You’ve made a promise! Now, you better get off your bottom and start growing your business to meet the promise you’ve made!

I think its no accident that there are 6.5 billion people on the planet (more by now! Check world population here). If we were meant to do this life thing solo, I guess it would have just been you or me… and no-one else right?

So… start making some promises to the people around you…. and get moving. My promises have certainly got me on the trot with a big smile on my face this week!!

Here’s to you!!

Joey xx