Breathe Colour Into Your Life

How bright and colourful does your life feel right now? If you’ve been feeling a bit black and white of late, here are 3 easy steps to reconnect you to all the beautiful colours that your world has to offer, and to bring colour into your lifeRebirth your child selfWhat silly thing have you done [...]

By |04.07.2013|

Open Your Mind To Your Best Ideas

A while ago I wrote a blog post on how taking some time away from your business can often be a catalyst for you getting some of your best ideas. With the festive holidays approaching us, I’m sure that like Greg and I, you’ve got plans to take some time away from your business and [...]

By |13.12.2012|

Are You Taking Regular Holidays Away From Your Business? | Why Your Hairdresser Has Got The Right Idea!

By Joanna Martin I don’t know about you guys, but when us ladies are enjoying a good chat with our hairdresser, the one subject that always seems to come up is holidays… whether you’ve taken a holiday recently or which trips you have planned? Am I right ladies? Now as business owners, both sexes can [...]

By |21.06.2012|