How bright and colourful does your life feel right now? If you’ve been feeling a bit black and white of late, here are 3 easy steps to reconnect you to all the beautiful colours that your world has to offer, and to bring colour into your life

Rebirth your child self

What silly thing have you done recently? When was the last time you made some space in your diary just to have some fun?

Look how much fun children have when they are playing – they brim with joy and a total sense of connection to the moment.  They are living in sunshine.  When we forget our ego and get lost in a moment of pure playfulness, it not only raises our frequency, it brings that shaft of sunshine to our day.

Sometimes we get stuck into being too serious-minded with our business and as a knock-on effect, with our families and our lives.  We forget to make time for fun.  But it’s the fun times that lighten us up and adds a sunny yellow colour to our lives.

Reconnect to your pipe-dream

When was the last time you thought about your pipe dreams?  You know, those dreams you had years and years ago.  They may have seemed crazy back then and they may still seem crazy today, but they still light you up, right? 

You may have dreamt of sailing the world, to go on a cruise, to watch the Northen Lights, to walk the Inca Trail, to visit an Ashram, to fly a plane…. what has happened to these dreams? 

Because they’re not just pipe-dreams, never to be realised, they’re dreams waiting to be coloured in.

Dreams come in all colours – they’re vivid and alive.  It’s good to make time to reconnect with your dreams.  To look through your vision album, or to journal them in your morning pages, or just take time out in nature to meditate on them.

When you allow them to come up to the surface repeatedly then you allow them to influence your life and the actions you take. 

Keep present to your dreams so you can keep them alive and vibrant. You’ll be more likely to realise them if they’re blazing in colour rather than in muted, pale tones.

Do something new

When was the last time you tried something new or did something new for the first time?  It might be as simple as trying a new food, ordering a different dish at the restaurant, taking a different route to your office. Or maybe talking to a stranger, trying that sky-dive, booking that holiday to Egypt.

When we do new things we light up the part of our psyche that likes adventure.   Then with each simple act of adventure you do, you encourage yourself to take bigger and bigger risks.  Red is the colour of adventure and also the colour of passion.  By trying new adventurous things each week, you make it easier to keep connected to the dreams you are most passionate about in life.

Breathing colour back into your life doesn’t have to mean making huge changes – it’s as simple as trying new things, taking the time to reconnect to your dreams and having fun. 

So this week, see what colour you can add to your life and make a mental note of the impact this has on your sense of possibility in all areas of your life.  I think you’ll be amazed.