A while ago I wrote a blog post on how taking some time away from your business can often be a catalyst for you getting some of your best ideas.

With the festive holidays approaching us, I’m sure that like Greg and I, you’ve got plans to take some time away from your business and spend time relaxing with your family?

So, aside from all the goodies and love you will be gifted with during the season, you’re also sure to receive gifts from the universe… in the form of a consistent stream of ideas and thoughts for building your business next year.

 Take a break from being busy!

When you’re busy being busy, your mind isn’t open to spotting the opportunities around you. you’re not going to be receptive to the messages the universe has to share with you.

Yet when you take a step back… whether that’s an hour or a day that you spend doing something just for you… or a holiday lasting a few days or longer, you’re going to spot opportunities you’d usually miss.

So I really just wanted to share one message with you today… and that is to be prepared for your ideas factory to be well and truly open for business over the next few weeks.

Be prepared

I recommend you keep a notepad or voice-recorder with you throughout the break… so whenever inspiration strikes, you can jot it down or record yourself a quick reminder before getting back to your celebrations.

The idea here is not to detract from your holiday by taking time out to focus on lifestyle goal planning… or to go looking for inspiration… but simply to be prepared and open to receiving your gifts from the universe.

Then, when you return to the office in the New Year, and begin planning ahead for the month, quarter or year, you’ll be able to organise all your holiday ideas and prioritise the best ones for implementation.

It’s all pretty exciting huh?!

As we move towards a new year, are you ready to end business headaches, double your income and double your time off?  

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