Last weekend was true summer.  I spent all day Saturday in a field at St Albans practicing Kung Fu in the sunshine (getting sunburnt- whoops!), and all Sunday with Greg in Regents Park listening to jazz and reading a great book.  I’m reading “The Horse Boy” by Rupert…  I highly recommend it- even though I haven’t finished yet!  It’s about a father who takes his autistic son on a journey through Mongolia on horseback to be healed by the shamans there.  It’s a true story and very eye-opening.

After the success of our online product launch a few weeks back, we sat down on Friday and planned out projects for the next 6 months.  And I am excited to say that we have lots of seminars and workshops planned over the coming months- especially in the UK. So keep an eye on your inbox for details of these over the coming month.
Perhaps the thing that is most exciting me at present though starts this Thursday.  I’m off to Paris –solo this time.  I have finally managed to sequester a few days out of the flow of the business to pull together my new book.  I’ll be there til next Tuesday sipping Veuve Clicquot, nibbling on yummy cheeses and generally pretending to write the book 😉  No really- if I don’t come back with it all ready to go I think I risk being sacked by Greg, so I will be finally pulling together all the pieces and creating the manuscript this weekend!
The book is all about the journey I went from a disenchanted, narrow-minded doctor to a millionaire business woman, with a lifestyle that I love!  And I’m spelling it out in easy steps that anyone can follow so that you don’t just dream your dreams but live them every day.
I’m being mentored through the book writing process by Darren Stephens- the marketing genius behind the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus phenomenon.  And his suggestion is to get feedback from you about what you think I should call the book.  So I put together this little survey and when you answer it you can go into the draw to win a free copy of the book when it comes out later this year.  I have 5 to give away- so get if you’ve got 30 seconds- go for it!
Click here to see my book titles and help me choose! (link will open in a new window)
This time next week I’ll be updating you with how it’s coming along- so come back to the blog then!