Hi Guys,

I’m in Paris this week.  Actually by the time you read this I’ll probably be back in London.  But I’ve spent the first few days in Gaye Paris writing my book the Lifestyle Shift.  And the good news is it is all done.  I’ve taken all the ideas and brought them together- so it won’t be long and you’ll see it in the book shops.  Woohoo!

Thanks to everyone who helped us with the survey.  The title is going to be “The Lifestyle Shift- From  Frantic to Freedom in Five Easy Steps” – by popular demand.  Very exciting.

I’ve found being over here really humbling.  Getting to live my dream of writing a book in my favourite city in the world, on making a Lifestyle Shift, my favourite topic in the world has been extraordinary.  Why else do you start speaking if not to enjoy the lifestyle it brings right?

So next week I’ll bring you up to speed with everything.