I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, but your customers will always choose to buy from you based on whether they WANT what you offer. When you’re marketing your business, pitching towards what they NEED, just doesn’t cut it.

So, my question to you today is “is your business marketing geared towards what your prospects WANT to buy, or are you focusing on what they NEED from you?”

You really must give this some attention because the answer will have a direct impact on the success and EASE of growing your lifestyle business.

For example; Imagine you have a 2 year old child…..

Now imagine your small child has an ear infection.  It’s extremely painful and she needs to take some medicine.  But the medicine tastes horrible.

If you gave her a choice of chocolate milkshake or medicine which would she choose?

Most 2-years would choose the milkshake.  And unfortunately, most adults are the same!

Why else is it that most people will buy a big plasma screen television before getting the car serviced?  The car NEEDS a service, but they WANT the tv.

You’re going to find it so much easier to grow your lifestyle business if you are speaking about something people really WANT.

Example:  Does a doctor need to learn life/work balance?

Absolutely!  Do they want to?  No.  Not usually, not unless they’ve had a massive stroke or heart attack or some other big wake-up call.

Do they want a holiday?  Hell, yes!

You get the picture? 

What do they want?

If you’re a weight-loss coach, your customers don’t want the healthy eating plans. Of course, we know that in order to lose weight, they NEED to eat healthily, but they WANT to feel confident in the way they look. They WANT to look amazing… show them you are the person who delivers what they want.

If you’re a Stop Smoking Coach, they NEED to give up smoking, but like the doctor above, they don’t actually want to unless they’ve had a health scare. What they WANT is to smell good and spend the money they saved on that dream holiday.

Do you get the idea?

So this week, I invite you to take a good look at everything you do to promote your business, and make sure you are focused around what your niche want, rather than what they need.


You do not need to change who you are to make money. All you need to do is let go of who you are not. Once I’d undergone my own lifestyle shift, my business went from ZERO to half a million dollars in 3 months… are you still stuck in your limiting mindset?