Do you ever sit down at the end of the week and wonder where the time has gone? Are you so busy that you can’t remember the last time you had any time off… and even fitting in an hour to yourself seems like an impossibility right now?

You want more time for yourself… but your business has swallowed your life?!

You see, as Michael Gerber said in the The E-Myth most of us get into business because we want to be our own boss- and then down the line we realise that we’re so caught up in the flurry of day-to-day stuff and stress that the Lifestyle goes down the tube!

But times are changing and more and more business owners are undergoing what I refer to as “The Lifestyle Shift”.  They are waking up to the fact that they are the boss, and therefore should be able to design their business to fit their lifestyle… not the other way around!

If you’re recognising that it’s time for you to have more time for yourself, your family, and for your dreams, then read on…

Your lifestyle is ultimately your life’s work.

We are all artists, whether we acknowledge that or not. And every day we are gifted with a canvas upon which to create our design.

We are now operating in the Information Age, at a time of great wealth and great possibility. Yet seemingly intelligent people continue to operate under old assumptions. 

Too many people I know “work hard” for no other reason than they thought that’s what they were expected to do.

But let me tell you… there has never been a greater time than now to design YOUR life into the lifestyle you want.

How do you design your life?

Firstly… Wake up to the fact that YOU ARE THE BOSS. 

Your life is the way it is because you let it be that way- either by your actions or non-actions.   You are tolerating it, or fostering it, or forcing it to be just how it is. 

Most of us get so busy just getting the work done that we forget to take stock and remember who’s in charge.

YOU started your business.  It is a direct reflection of you. 

So isn’t it time to take responsibility for your deepest desires and start making it JUST HOW YOU WANT IT?

My greatest wish for you is that you live a life of self-expression. By that I mean that your life is an expression of your unique identity.

If you would describe your lifestyle as anything less than awesome, you are not taking care of your most precious gift… YOUR gift of life!

After all… you’re the person running this show, and if you can’t have it the way you want it, who on earth can?!

You know if your life isn’t designed to your spec, I think it’s just that you’ve got a bit lazy.

We get lazy because questioning our assumptions and making changes in the way we operate is actually harder to do than work 70 hours a week!

So what can you do?

Take half a day for yourself. 

Do it. Get out of your routine. 

Go to a place that conjures up “the sacred” for you.  That place is different for everyone… for some it’s a church, for others a park, for some a bookshop or even the shopping mall!

Its wherever you feel connected to your creator, the universe or your higher self.  Spend a couple of hours just hanging out with yourself, and then in that space – ask yourself one simple question:  “is your business supporting your lifestyle or eating away at it?” 

Make no mistake- if it is not actively building it up, it is wearing it away slowly through attrition.  There is no middle ground here.

What one thing could you do this week to move you out of your comfort zone and towards reclaiming your life? Here and now, commit to taking action this week. Leave me a comment… what are you committing to?

Draw a line under yesterday… it’s gone. Today sees you on the journey towards the rest of your life, and remember… YOU’RE the driver!