Your community… or database, is the biggest asset your business will ever own. Using a landing page to build your online community, means that every visitor to your website is presented with the option to join your community, and continue to learn from your valuable content.

 Step #1: create your free gift

The first step is to attract visitors to want to give you their email address… and you’ll need to create an attractive free gift that they will receive from you in exchange for their details.

 Step #2: promote your free gift

Once you’ve created your free gift, you need to make it available behind an opt-in form. You can do that in several ways;

  • In your website sidebar
  • Adding a link to the form in your email signature
  • Using Facebook iFrames pages to add the form to your Facebook page
  • Sending website traffic to a landing page

 Step #3: build a landing page

In this blog, I’m going to focus on landing pages. I recommend driving all your traffic to your landing page, so give the URL out as your website address whenever you send people to your website… on your business cards, in your social media profiles, at events, speaking gigs and on teleseminars and webinars.

You’ll create a great opt-in page to build your community when you follow my tips: 

  1. Have a nice bold headline at the top with a benefit driven statement
  2. On the left, underneath the headline, embed a video of you talking to camera and discussing your free gift
  3. On the right, an opt-in box so people can join your database and receive your free gift
  4. A series of “blind” bullet points that describe your free gift without giving too much away
  5. Another opt-in box at the bottom to capture people’s details

 More tips for great landing pages

This is a video that I recorded for my speaking community some time ago, but it is just as relevant to you today.

I recommend you make some time to watch it to get a better idea of how you can build your online community easily with a landing page.

I invite you this week to assess your current process for community building, and how well it is working for you. If you’re not seeing regular new members opting in, are you providing enough opportunity for them to do so?

Don’t hide your free gift away… it’s the first introduction your ideal clients get to you and the message you have to share with them. Make it easier for people to learn from you, and you can make your big difference.

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