Wow. The year is almost over, and even though it only feels like last week when I was talking about planning your lifestyle goals for 2012, it’s time to begin the process of evaluating your year to date and get prepared for 2013.

Greg and I always spend time over the festive break to sit down and work out what we want from the year ahead… making sure we’re still on track with our lifestyle goals and assessing what needs to be done to keep moving forwards.

And now is a great time for you to evaluate what has worked well for you this year… what didn’t meet your expectations and how you can change your focus to make progress in the new year.

So, let’s start with your marketing, do you know which…?

  • Of your marketing funnels provided a positive return?
  • Email subject lines provoked the highest open rates?
  • Events attracted the largest number of attendees and led to your greatest ever sales for your up-sell program?
  • Team members contributed the most to your results this year… or who under-performed?

Many entrepreneurs and business owners worry about sending out the same marketing more than once… but if you know what of this year’s marketing activity generated the best results for you, why wouldn’t you want to replicate the process again and again?

If your clients responded well, and you turned a sizeable profit, you’re moving closer to the ultimate lifestyle you desire aren’t you?

How could that ever be a negative thing to do?

Now let’s look at your personal goals… in 2012, have you hit all the goals you set for yourself this year? If not, why was that?

  • Did you feel stuck and unsure of which direction you should be taking in your business?
  • Have you spent the year being very busy, but failed to manage your ‘big rock tasks’?
  • Are you doubting yourself and allowing your self-limiting beliefs to stop you taking action to reach your lifestyle goals?
  • Who are you spending the most time with? Do the people around you support your aims and goals or are there negative influences around you that are holding you back?
  • Have you built a winning team around you and outsource the roles that you don’t work at your best within? Superman and Wonder-Woman are fictional characters… you can’t do everything alone you know?

Before we go on to the next step, I invite you to take a minute now to sit quietly and decide what lifestyle goals you want to reach in 12 months time… then visualise yourself living your ultimate lifestyle by this time next year.

How does it feel? Are you happy… content with your new life? How do you feel in your heart space now you’re living your ultimate lifestyle?

Can you feel resistance? Are you living the lifestyle YOU truly desire… or are you living someone else’s dream for you?

I’ve gotta tell you… if you’re not striving to create YOUR ultimate lifestyle… to share your message and do the work you were put on this earth to do, then you will never be in flow and success will always feel like a struggle.

So finally… you’re ready to look ahead to this time next year.

What do you want your life to look like in 12 months time… and what do you need to change if you’re going to make that happen?

  • Is it time you built a team around you so you can focus only on the stuff you’re good at?
  • Do you need to step away from negative influences in your life that aren’t supporting you or helping you progress?
  • Can a mentor help you reach your goals by providing expertise and accountability?
  • Have you created passive income streams so you can stop trading time for money? What information is in your head that could be packaged up into an e-learning program or book for example?
  • Do you need better admin processes in your business? Systems that can automate some of your tasks, or better still, hire a VA?
  • Are you making proper use of time management systems to keep you focused and on track?
  • Planning your marketing: what worked this year that you can use as a basis for making even more money next year?

So what are your lifestyle goals for 2013? I’d love to hear what you’re working towards

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