After 4 months on the road, we’re home and I am pleased to announce that the suitcases are indeed unpacked!  Aside from a rather odd smell emanating from the washing machine (that is mysteriously difficult to track down) it seems our apartment hasn’t missed us too much.
Greg and I caught up with Rick and Jane Otton for a lovely French meal in Covent Garden on our first day back.  Odd how it takes being in a different country to actually meet up with people!  They are Aussie residents, but we’ve never actually been able to connect there!
I think I wrote about this recently didn’t I?  So I have a new theory.  If you want to meet up with someone who is too busy to take your appointment, find out when they are travelling overseas and go and meet them there.  Perhaps people are easy to access when they’re away from their offices?!
On Sunday we actually spent some tourist time following our noses around London which was fun, because Greg hadn’t seen a lot of the sights.


And it seems that the universe is wanting to keep me very busy at the moment , with more speaking opportunities than I can say yes to.
One big, fun one is the upcoming Global 1 event: Booming in the Bust which I have been invited to not only MC in Sydney, but to invite 2 of our top students to MC in Melbourne and Brisbane.  So it will be a Secrets of Selling From Stage showcase across Australia on the weekend of the 19-21st of June.  One of my all time intellectual idols is speaking: Harry S Dent- so if you’re around that weekend make a point of getting along.

It is going to be run simultaneously in 3 cities: Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and is a great line up of very smart and savvy speakers.  That’s right, 12 speakers are going to fly around the country throughout the weekend, so no matter what city you’re in, you get the opportunity to learn from these economic and business greats!  People like my intellectual idol, economist Harry S Dent, publishing guru Mark Victor Hansen; millionaire maker, Loral Langmeier; Joel Comm ; Ari Galper and loads more. 
When I’m not on stage, I’m going to be taking notes- because the distinctions that I know will be made about the current economic climate, and how to cash in on the opportunities that it provides will be priceless. 
The weekend will cover all The Knowledge You Need For Financial Certainty In This Economy…

  • Discover Smart New Strategies You’ll Need To Skyrocket Your Business In This Economy
  • Create Your New Business/New Revenue Streams Based On Newly Emerging Market Trends
  • Discover How You Can Have Additional Income Streams That Will Be Highly Profitable In The Downturn
  • Become More Valuable In The Employment Marketplace

Plus, come and see what can happen when you apply the lessons you learn in the Shift Speaker Training program!
I have been given a limited number of free tickets to the event and would love to see you there. For your scholarship ticket to the event, plus the follow-up implementation program, otherwise valued at $3,018 go to the link below:

Click here to claim your scholarship ticket to Booming In The Bust
Oh- and come and say hi!

Love Jo