Last weekend saw myself and two Shift Speaker Training superstars MC-ing the Booming in the Bust event, run by Global1 Training out here in Australia. 

Our very own Platinum Million Dollar Masterclass Member, David Penglase hosted the Melbourne event; and Terriane Palmer, Secrets of Selling From Stage Member (our Silver Mentoring Program) hosted the Brisbane event while I headed up the team from Sydney.

For those of you who attended any of the events I’d love to hear your thoughts!

It was a great event in many ways.  For participants, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a multi-speaker event with such incredible quality content.  For me personally, I was able to connect with some inspiring people, and support some awesome speakers with their presentations.  We had a number of speakers at the event who had never closed a sale from stage before- but had been speaking and educating for many years.  So it really was an honour to help them tap into a new way of presenting their information and provide their audiences with “the next steps”.  I won’t share their names until I have their permission- but suffice to say I have been most humbled by the experience- and I’ll keep you posted.


Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of the line up was David Bassau.  The founder of Opportunity International, this gentleman is a philanthropic force to be reckoned with.  Million Dollar Masterclass member, Tricia Jenkins, and I had the great pleasure of lunch with him, and I was blessed to be able to pick the brains of someone who not only built up his business and retired by age 35, but now, 30 years on is playing a level of game to which I can only dream of aspiring.  One of the most exciting projects is perhaps his joint venture with the North Korean government to provide finance to a communist state with previously no finance provision.  And here I was chatting to him over lunch!


It was a true pleasure to interview him for the audience at the event- and the learnings about entrepreneurialism and contribution were extraordinary. 

Here is a man who tells me his greatest fear is an idea.  Because as soon as he has one- he knows it will be done.  Imagine having that strength of conviction? 

I just arrived back in London after a whirl-wind trip back to Sydney for the event, but suffice to say it was well-worth the long plane trip to meet David, and I can’t wait to get more involved with Opportunity International!

For more information on Opportunity International, please visit their website.

Love Jo