In your journey towards your ultimate lifestyle, I’m sure you are observing many different people along the way. That’s how we all develop personally and professionally… by learning from our role models who are already successful and adapting their style to fit into our own personality type.

Remaining authentic:
Smarmy BusinessManWhen I first started in business, most of my role models were men… a few years ago the personal development successes were predominantly male and so I mirrored their style because I felt it would lead to my success too.

However, I wasn’t being true to myself.

So, it doesn’t matter who you are learning from, whose success you wish to emulate, it is more important that you stay true to yourself and your unique blend that sets you apart from your peers.

You see, choosing to emulate your role model is part of your learning but what you don’t want to do is to copy everything they do.

Remaining individual:
Some people look at the success their role model has generated then go and do everything the exact same way in the hope the success will rub off.

But what happens is they lose sight of why their role model is successful… it isn’t just because they did this or that… so replicating their actions alone won’t enable you to mirror their results.

Does that make sense?

Your recipe for success:
CookingThe reason why you will become successful and achieve your ultimate lifestyle goals is because of who you are. Certainly there are actions you must take… building a list for example, identifying your niche and solving the problems that your prospects are experiencing… but it is your individuality and unique style that will pull all the individual actions together into a winning formula.

And it is that winning formula that will lead to your success.

Now, I’m not saying you should stop observing and learning… as a business owner I’d like to hope you will continue to learn and develop forever more… but whatever you do to move one step closer to your ultimate lifestyle… remember who you are.

Always be authentic and in alignment with your own core purpose.