I’m sitting in Starbucks this morning on a rainy day in London reflecting on a conversation I had with one of my clients just before Greg and I left Melbourne last week.

She was telling me that she had spent the previous week dwelling on a difficult conversation she knew she needed to have with one of her clients. It was a conversation that she felt would be emotional and difficult for both of them.

Focusing on negative outcomes
Stressed ManShe’d spent some time preparing to manage the negative outcome she expected from the conversation;

  • Writing herself a script for how she would deliver the news
  • Role playing the conversation in her mind
  • Figuring out how to manage the anticipated conflict
  • And generally psyching herself up to make that call

Until she realised that she was focusing all her energies into an expected outcome but avoiding taking any steps towards an actual result!

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction you’ll know that it states we attract what we expect and by focusing on a negative outcome, you are likely to attract a negative outcome.

Positive outcomes
Smiley FaceShe made a decision: instead of expecting the call to go badly, she began to imagine the conversation going well and ending positively. Then she picked up the phone and made that call.

And guess what? The call DID go well and there WAS a positive outcome!

It got me thinking… how many times do we put off doing something because we fear a negative outcome? If we’re honest we’ve all done it at some point… I know I have and I expect you have too?

Now think about situations you’ve gone into with positive expectations… did your positive thinking manifest into a great outcome?

You see, when you look back at times where you have put off a task, decision or conversation because of your inner fears for a bad outcome… doesn’t it feel like a lot of wasted time? The truth is, you are limiting your success when you spend time focusing on what you think might happen instead of getting it done and managing the actual outcome.

I’m not saying you should never prepare for worst case scenarios but don’t let yourself put off doing something to focus on negative outcomes. Take that next step in your lifestyle journey with positive expectations and you’ll discover you can manifest those beliefs into positive outcomes.

Can you relate to this? Leave me a comment and tell me about a time you feared an outcome or when you manifested a positive outcome from positive expectations?