A merry Christmas in Austria

I hope wherever in the world you were that this holiday season has been a lovely one.  I experienced my first white Christmas in Halstatt, Austria with my sister Kath and her husand AJ, and of course my lovely Greg. Here's a little message from me- listen out for the carollers in the background! Also [...]

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Help my sister’s dream for a better world come true!

Hi guys, Like myself, my sister is one of those people who is pretty good at making things happen.  This latest venture of hers reminds me so much of the Greek hero Aristeus- so I thought a little bit of a helping hand can't hurt... If you care about the environment.... read on.. After my [...]

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Is smaller better?

It's a rainy day in Tasmania as I look out over the water from my Mum's house at Lewisham to the beach across the bay.  Tassie needs the rain- the grass around these parts is not looking too happy. And I have to say- it's a nice contrast to the bustle of London to be [...]

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A little compassion for clients

Think of a time in the past when you were in a difficult situation and someone helped you out- they threw you  line.  It might have been as simple as giving you coins for a phonecall, giving you a lift to the station, giving you a hug when you needed it. How good did it [...]

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Recent Radio Interview

Hi! Just thought I'd share with you a radio interview I did here in ol' London town last Saturday night. Was heaps of fun, and we chatted about all sorts of things: mindset, strategies, laughs.  Crumbs- I even have a bit of a sing! http://www.joannamartin.tv/joanna-1-11-08.mp3 Enjoy! Jo [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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