It’s a rainy day in Tasmania as I look out over the water from my Mum’s house at Lewisham to the beach across the bay.  Tassie needs the rain- the grass around these parts is not looking too happy. And I have to say- it’s a nice contrast to the bustle of London to be here chilling out a little.

Two nights ago Greg and I were in Adelaide.  Another small city with a big “chilled out” vibe.

We did a presentation there for the XL Life Members, hosted by the lovely Judy Hamilton.  There were only a handful of people at the event, but the response and the conversation that flowed from the event was nothing short of extraordinary.

It just made me realise that sometimes smaller is better.  A small group of committed, aligned individuals is often able to achieve more and make more of an impact than a rag-tag bunch of hundreds.

Keep an eye out for XL Adelaide- they are up to big things!

So this week it’s a toast to small and focussed.

Here’s to it!

Love Jo