Hi guys,

Like myself, my sister is one of those people who is pretty good at making things happen.  This latest venture of hers reminds me so much of the Greek hero Aristeus- so I thought a little bit of a helping hand can’t hurt…

If you care about the environment…. read on..

After my AMAZING experience in Torino at the Slow Food conference, my interest for keeping bees was fuelled by some of the most incredible men I have ever met. There were people from so many countries, and when they spoke their native language it was translated for everyone else. This meant that they could stand and speak, from Ethopia, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, the list goes one… and we all understood….as if the world was one and there was no cultural barriers.

After one Mexican man spoke if his concern at the drastic reduction of bees in his area, an Indian man patted him on the shoulder in a  sign of strength and support…he knew exactly what he was hearing, because in India – he was seeing the same thing.

But there was no one speaking of Australia’s situation. I later spoke to the mediator of the conference, a bee keeper from Piedmont in Italy. He spoke to me in a broken French/ Italian, telling me that the situation in Australia is the MOST dire.

He told me to get the word out…make people understand, that if we have no bees, we have no pollination, and no pollination means no plants…then – No YOU or ME!…

So I’m asking you to take 3 minutes of your day today…http://mydreamis.ingdirect.com.au/?id=3547
and vote for my dream…

“to create a home for bees, and raise the profile of Australian honey…”

Australia is a young country, and after living in Europe I now know its time to take a stand for ourselves!

Thank you for your care for our earth…

Love Kath x

Thanks so much for supporting her dream!

I love my sis!

jo xx