Is it wrong to focus on yourself?

Is it wrong to focus on yourself? Since starting this blog I have had a number of conversations with different people about whether it is right or wrong to focus on yourself. Should we take care of yourselves first and others second? Or sacrifice for the good of others? There are as many different “right” [...]

By |29.11.2007|

What makes men get out of bed in the morning?

Are men and women driven by different things? Is it true that we are hard-wired differently, and motivated differently? Pina De Rosa, who has been studying men (lads, she's had you under the microscope!) for 7 years, thinks the answer is yes! And if this is true, can undertsanding the difference between men and women [...]

By |27.11.2007|

Something for all entrepreneurs to think about (and those that criticise them)

Greg sent me through this from a newsletter he recieved.   It hit a chord...  Enjoy! THE TRUTH ABOUT TAXES This anecdote has appeared in a previous newsletter, but with the elections coming up I thought it was appropriate to include it again. It purports to come from a lecture by a college professor in [...]

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What’s the big idea?

Hola! I’ve had an idea, and the universe is helping out… you know when the light bulb goes on, and then one thing happens, and that leads to another, well… the video explains it all! 2 mins of my nutty smiley face for ya!! Jxx

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Oops… technologically inept Joey shines through

Hmmm... it appears my joy at being able to share the most beautiful boat in the world didn't work! Until my younger sister or some such educated person helps me to rectify the sitaution... my photos are on facebook!! I recorded my first video blog yesterday, but its 140 megs and i can't get it [...]

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