Are men and women driven by different things? Is it true that we are hard-wired differently, and motivated differently? Pina De Rosa, who has been studying men (lads, she’s had you under the microscope!) for 7 years, thinks the answer is yes!

And if this is true, can undertsanding the difference between men and women help us all to lead a much more peaceful and fulfilling life?

Having spent the weekend in Pina’s workshop last weekend, I’m convinced EVERYONE needs this information!! The information is breakthrough type stuff from PAX, an organisation started by Alison Armstrong 16 years ago. You can find out more on

But before you do…make yourself a cup of tea, and spend 15 minutes having a listen (click here) to this great interview where she reveals a couple of secrets to understanding men!

Pina de Rosa

Pina De Rosa reveals the secrets of what makes men get out of bed in the morning!

Here’s to a great day!

Love Joey x