We are sailing…

Hi guys, Sorry to have been AWOL for a while... Greg and I have just returned from a fabulously successful trip to Sydney where we connected with some incredibly inspiring people and furthered a couple of our current business ventures. The entrepreneurial spirit is coursing through our veins! I have to say, the steps we [...]

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Thank God for Other People

Hi team, Today it is my intent to sing the praises of every other human being on the face of the planet. Well, that might be a little superlative, but truly I am grateful for other people. You see the wonderful thing about other people is that you make promises to them. This is of [...]

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Why we should listen to our pets…

Today is Sunday here... and I thoroughly enjoyed a sleep in on a rainy Melbourne morning I have to say. Getting up in the morning is one of the more challlenging parts of my day. Thank God for my personal trainer, otherwise somedays perhaps I wouldn't extricate myself at all. Perhaps we should pay more [...]

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Critical Thinking takes on Religion and Personal Development

Yes… in my life I have been a doctor, an actor, and a teacher of personal development. I think I might have the worst case of identity crisis out! I was a teacher of personal development, and an avid fan of empowerment, and yes, let’s be honest, an evangelist. However, in the PD-afterlife I find [...]

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