What the climate crisis needs from us

Climate change is one of the greatest threats we’re currently facing, and I believe a commitment to tackling it should be something every leader is present to. The data speaks for itself. In its Global Risks report 219, the World Economic forum extreme weather events and the failure of policies to address climate change as [...]

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If you feel disconnected

Leadership is sometimes characterised as a lonely path. In my experience, the opposite is true. One thing which makes the new paradigm of leadership distinct is the fact that it thrives not on competition, and success despite others, but in collaboration and connection. Success with and through others. As leaders, we need to be able [...]

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How To Overcome Stress – Part Two

Overcoming stress or overwhelm in your business can be one of the hardest emotional and physical challenges you face. Here in the second part of a two part series on overcoming stress, let's look at how to create at various types of stress-buster connection habits which you can use daily. What Is A Connection Habit? [...]

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