Hey there!

We had an email in the office today saying “I was looking for your Presentation Secrets events on your blog, but couldn’t see anything.” Well- that would be because I have (most slackly) not put anything here!

So here’s a quickie to let you know that we are coming up to our Final Ever Events of “Presentation Secrets“. This is our 1-day Jampacked introduction to how to make 6 or even 7-figures a year as a speaker.

I’m full of mixed emotions about this.

On the one hand I’m excited to be doing this for the last time, knowing that I have such big things in store for the future (including but not exclusive to starting a family!) But on the other hand I’m really sorry to be letting it go. These events have changed literally THOUSANDS of people’s lives (and bank accounts) over the last 3 years. And it seems so sad to be saying goodbye.

But- we have to let go of the old to make space for the new right?

The content, information and strategies I’ll be sharing at this event will be the most cutting edge you’ve seen when it comes to making big money from speaking. As I said- being the last time, ‘m making sure I make a big difference with this last hurrah!

Hope to see you in your capital city in March (Australia) or May (UK).

Details about the events here