How is the weather where you are today? If it’s sunny and warm, do you find your productivity increases or does it make you feel you’d rather be outside enjoying the glorious weather?

I’ve noticed that my mood changes and my energy levels and motivation are affected by the weather and it has made me think about how our bodies respond to the differences in conditions outside.

Clocks Go ForwardAround this time of year Daylight Saving time changes come into effect and this can have a dramatic impact on our energy levels and motivation too. I know some of my friends over in the UK have felt tired and lethargic in the days since their clocks went forward last weekend.

Here in Melbourne our clocks change in a few days time and we gain an hour for the onset of our Autumn and Winter seasons. The nights will soon be drawing in, the days shorten and the lack of sunlight can cause issues too.

How do the changing seasons make you feel? Often I think the onset of Autumn needs the most adjustment as it can feel like a period of ending whereas we view the arrival of Spring with optimism and hope.

Would you agree?

So how do we manage seasonal mood changes?

The important thing is to acknowledge that the weather is responsible for our mood changes. Grant yourself permission to feel the way you do.

Listen to your body
If you are feeling sluggish and tired, schedule a power nap. It is amazing how invigorating a 20 minute nap can be… You’ll wake feeling energised and raring to go. The beauty of running your own business is that you have total flexibility to work when you are feeling productive… so go ahead, take that nap if you need to.

Countryside TreeGet outdoors
I’m a huge fan of the outdoors and I think it is really important that we make some time to get outside every day. When the weather is cold and wet, it is so tempting to stay indoors in the warm but getting out in the fresh air for even a short time can really help you focus your mind.

Nowadays we spend much of our time in front of our computers in artificial light so I’d urge you to make time to get outside once a day… even if it is just for a walk around the block.

Your work environment
Change your Work EnvironmentMake sure your working conditions are optimum for your needs. Being too hot or too cold means your mind is distracted with thoughts of your discomfort. I know it sounds obvious but keeping your body temperature comfortable will remove those distracting thoughts.

Do you remember how as a child you loved to go and splash around in puddles? Why do we stop doing this as adults? You see, I think that as kids we enjoyed and appreciated the changing seasons as they brought new adventures and experiences. As adults we take less notice of the joys of falling leaves and rain… we notice only the lack of daylight or how dishevelled we look after a heavy downpour.

So my invitation to you is to revisit those childhood pleasures. Go kick some leaves or splash around in puddles… just go and be your child self again and leave your work stress behind for a few minutes.

How does that feel? Pretty good huh?

On the gloriously sunny days, take your lunch outside. Imagine you’re on holiday soaking up the sun in your favourite beach resort with your book. When you return to your desk you’ll feel as though you’ve been away for longer.

Have fun… laugh… and enjoy!

We can’t change the weather or make summer last all year… but we can appreciate all that nature brings to us.

Do you notice mood changes or differences in your energy levels and motivation connected to seasonal weather changes? Are you more productive on sunny days or feel invigorated when the rain comes? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.