Now we’ve just passed the halfway mark of 2013, it’s a really great opportunity for you to assess how far you’ve got with your goals for this year.

I know that one of the reasons you are reading this blog, is because somewhere in your heart, you have a vision of fulfilling your life purpose in a business that fits around your lifestyle.

However, six months later, you may be at the stage of being so busy working in your business that you haven’t noticed that your goal of having a lifestyle business is still on hold.

You’re certainly not alone; as Michael Gerber said in the The E-Myth, most of us go into business because we want to be our own boss… and then our Lifestyle goes down the tube in a flurry of tax preparation, stock taking, hiring and firing and general busy-ness!

But you know, if you don’t put systems in place now to help you move towards your vision, when WILL be the right time? It’s time to wake up to the fact that you are the boss, and therefore you should be able to design your business to match your lifestyle… from the ground up.

Is it time for you to have more time for yourself, your family, and for your dreams? Is it time you underwent your own Lifestyle Shift

Your lifestyle is ultimately your life’s work. We are all artists, whether we acknowledge that or not. And every day we are gifted with a canvas upon which to create our design. We are now operating in the Information Age, at a time of great wealth and great possibility.

Yet seemingly intelligent people continue to operate under old assumptions. Too many people I know “work hard” for no other reason than they thought that’s what they were expected to do.

But… there has never been a greater time than now to design a life the way you want it.

How do you “Design Your Life?”

The first step is a simple one.

Wake up to the fact that YOU ARE THE BOSS.  Your life is the way it is because you let it be that way- either by your actions or non-actions.   You are tolerating it, or fostering it, or forcing it to be just how it is. 

Most of us get so busy just getting the work done that we forget to take stock and remember who’s in charge.

You started your business.  It is a direct reflection of you.  So isn’t it time to take responsibility for your deepest desires and start making it JUST HOW YOU WANT IT?

For heaven’s sake, if you, the guy or girl running the show can’t have it the way YOU want it, what hope is there for anyone else? I think it’s just that we get lazy. We get lazy because questioning our assumptions and making changes in the way we operate is actually harder to do than work 70 hours a week!

So what can you do?

Take a half a day for yourself.  Get out of your routine.  Go to a place that conjures up “the sacred” for you.  That is different for everyone.  For some its a church, for some a park, for some a bookshop or the Virgin Megastore!  It’s wherever you feel connected to your creator, the universe or your higher self. 

Spend a couple of hours just hanging out with yourself, and then in that space – ask yourself one simple question:  “is your business supporting your lifestyle or eating away at it?”

Make no mistake- if it is not actively building it up, it is wearing it away slowly through attrition.  There is no middle ground here.

What ONE action can you commit to taking this week that will allow you to reclaim your lifestyle?

Who’s in charge of your lifestyle? Does your business know you’re the boss, or are you still bowing to its demands? Leave me a comment below and tell me how it’s going for you halfway through 2013