Everything is constantly changing. Whether it’s the world at large, people around you or the circumstances you find yourself in… everything changes.

It’s constantly evolving and expanding; things we found useful are now no longer needed or have served their purpose.

We’re constantly changing and moving forward too. To move forward we have to let things go… and sometimes this can be easier said than done. We become attached to things… whether it’s people, circumstances or routines, and this causes us to feel uncomfortable about having to let them go.

We want to move forward, but also want to keep the attachment in place. So, what about you? What are you holding onto in your life that is no longer needed… what is stopping you from moving forward?

The people around you

Sometimes, the hardest thing to let go of are those people you interact with on a regular basis. This includes those people who are always negative or a friend you’ve grown apart from.

It may be hard, but look at how that negative person is making you feel. How do you react when you’re around them… after you’ve been around them? How long does that feeling last?

Your goals and ambitions will change, both in your personal life and in business. This naturally leads you to seek out new people, people with the same values as you… and sometimes away from those people you were once close to.

By moving forward you are allowing yourself and the other person to let go of what no longer serves and move forward.

Fear and worry

Change can be scary and it can leave you feeling fearful and worried about what may, and may not, happen to you and your lifestyle. Part of letting go and moving forward is facing the emotions it may bring up for you.

When we’re unsettled, we naturally want to control things, so we can dictate the pace of those changes… but the faster we accept the change, the faster the fear and worry will leave us.

Living in the past

Sometimes, we’re not allowing ourselves to let go and move forward because we are reliving a past event. It could be the weight of an old grudge or a painful event or situation, but holding onto those associated negative thoughts and feelings is not serving you… now or in the future.

It’s blocking your ability to see those opportunities in front of you; it’s filling your mental space with heavy, old emotions and not leaving any room for what’s new, fresh and fun. So face those past regrets, deal with them and move forward.

You are responsible for your life… no one else is responsible for it and you are not responsible for anyone else’s.

Keep your focus on the positives and be grateful for what blessings you have in your life. Learn new things to enrich your life, stop looking behind you and learn to let go!

What are you currently holding onto? What old habits and routines are you still using, even though they are no longer serving you? What one step can you take to allow yourself to move forward and let go? Share your thoughts and strategies in the comments box below.