There will be times, both in your business and personal life, where you feel stuck. You may not know which route to follow or how to move forward. Maybe something you’ve been working on has not been as successful as you had hoped; or you consider it a success… but your customers aren’t interested.

If you’re stuck for answers or unsure of how to move forward, you can get clarity by asking yourself “where’s my focus?” Getting crystal clear on where your attention is going can benefit you hugely, in both your business and personal life, and I’ve given you some ideas here to get started.

Business focus

There are so many places in your business where you can ask yourself – “what am I focusing on?” If you’re struggling with any aspect of your business, it can quite often be solved, or the problem discovered, if you ask yourself what you are giving your attention to.


This can be a great starting point. Are you getting customers and/or sign ups? If not, look at your website pages and see whether they are focused on the right call to action… or if they even have a call to action.

Sales and marketing processes

When it comes to sales and marketing your focus needs to be on your customer… not you. What problems do your customers have, that you could help alleviate or solve with your product?

What keywords do your customers use when describing their situation and desired end result?

Really focusing on the needs and wants of your customer will really pay dividends, when it comes to your sales and marketing processes.

Creating content and products

Again, are you focusing on the customer… or are you trying to shoehorn them into a solution they don’t want?

Is your focus on how great a product you can create, or on what your customers are asking for?

Personal life focus

Are you aware of how great your life is? You have so many opportunities; you just need to be aware of them. So, are you focusing on the good or bad in your life?

What you have or don’t have? On the things you want… or don’t want? Are you grateful for what you have?

Your thoughts generally

Are you noticing what you do that’s great? Is your self talk motivating or de-motivating you? Are you even aware of what your self talk is saying… or are you scared to focus on what is going on in your head?

The people around you

Do you really pay attention to the people around you? Do you compliment them and offer praise, when it’s deserved? Are you listening to what they are saying, both with vocally and with their actions… or are you taking them for granted?

And now, over to you… how often do you stop to clarify where your focus is? Do you find it an essential part of your business strategy? If so, what focusing strategies have worked for you? Has changing your focus changed your personal life for the better? Please post your thoughts and strategies in a comment below.