Nowadays life just seems to get busier and busier. Do you find that too? Back in the days before all the time saving appliances we enjoy were invented, everything had to be done the ‘long way’. Here we are with all the technology bur we’re overwhelmed and still wish we could find more time.

But you know, if we are not using our time effectively it doesn’t matter how many time saving devices we own – there’ll never be enough time…we must prioritize.

Prioritize your time
TimePareto’s Principles or the 80/20 rule is the key…you know the one where 20% of our clients bring in 80% of our turnover or 20% of our activities bring 80% of the results? We spend 80% of our day working on the things that contribute to 20% of our lifestyle goals and that’s what I want to talk about today.

It comes down to time management and this is something I’ve put a lot of focus on as I’ve created my ultimate lifestyle business, and I’m going to share some of the tricks that have really worked for me with my time management.

What do you want to find more time for? First of all, I invite you to think about what you’d like to achieve in the next three months…what are your lifestyle goals that you’d like to have in place in three months time?

  • Maybe increase your turnover? Let’s say by $10,000
  • See 40 clients a week maybe?
  • Perhaps you’d like to be working three days a week?

So my number one suggestion is that you decide what your goals are. Then think about how you’ll make these goals happen? What actions do you need to take to get the extra $10,000 turnover or be able to work a couple of days less each week?

TIP: Think about the one action that will bring results quickly?
For example if I wanted an additional $10,000 I’d probably host an event…a seminar to generate that extra revenue. I might think about creating an informational product sharing my knowledge and selling it online too? But the seminar will generate revenue quicker so I’d prioritise that one.

MilestonesYour milestones will be the general steps that need to happen by a specific time. So for my event, my milestones would be to source the venue, a PA system, send email invitations. I need to book the venue first, then the PA and so on. So you list out each of your milestones individually with the date they must be achieved by.

Now on the to do list you’ll have your specific tasks that need to happen within each milestone. For my venue sourcing milestone I would need to call around a few and I might need to go and visit my two favourites to check they are suitable.

You know, it is the actual tasks you need to make time for so I might allocate two hours to the phone calls and half a day for visiting…are you following me? Start with the most important and put them in first…including your lifestyle dates each week. Then decide when the rest will get done.

You’ll also have routine tasks that you need to take care of too…housework, taking the kids to school, appointments and making time for your family. These need to be scheduled into your to do lists as well…don’t forget your day to day life when you’re planning your big picture.

TeamWhen you are considering the individual tasks, ask yourself if ‘you’ actually need to do them. Remember the 80/20 rule and decide which tasks can be delegated. If you are going to spend two hours calling venues that’s two hours you can’t spend on something else.

You can hire a VA to project manage your event and take care of the admin side of things and a Cleaner to come in a couple of times each week to take care of your housework. If you’re doing the school run every day is there another parent you can share this task with?

Once you find ways to free up time, it leaves you to focus on the stuff you’re good at. When your mind isn’t cluttered with routine you’ll have more energy and your business has space to grow without detracting from your ultimate lifestyle goals.

I hope I’ve been able to show you that your life doesn’t have to be full of clutter. I love my planning tools because they make sure I don’t forget anything important but also stop me from stressing the small stuff…I’m not overwhelmed but I have more time too and that’s amazing!