Do you want to grow your business? Would you like to improve your relationships with both your clients and work colleagues? You can easily and quickly grow your business with the simple act of asking.

As is often stated – ask and you shall receive – but when was the last time you asked for anything?

This simple act is often overlooked, simply because we worry that it will make us look weak, desperate or sets us up for rejection.

But the act of asking is such a powerful way to grow your business! It’s the art of knowing how and when to ask the right questions, to enable you to gather the right information to grow your business, expand your customer base and build your reputation.

So how can you use the power of asking in your business? Implement these five simple strategies into your work routines.

#1 Asking for information

Whether you are asking potential new clients what their current challenges are, or if you’re asking your business support group for advice on the best web designer – asking for information can help you move yourself and your business forward.

#2 Asking for the business

Your business will not grow if you cannot ask for the sale – quite simply, you’ll end up going out of business.

Asking for business isn’t about being pushy or confrontational, it can simply be a case of asking “would you like to give it a try?” or “let’s go for one month and see how well we get on.”

Find the most comfortable way for you… and just ask.

#3 Asking for testimonials

We often forget to ask our existing and past clients for their help. If you’ve done a good job or they have gotten good results from you, they’ll have no problem giving you a referral or testimonial.

#4 Asking for feedback

This is often left until after you have finished your webinar or talk… and frequently overlooked altogether.

The secret to asking for feedback is to ask during the customer experience.

Ask “How are we doing?” or “How can we improve this?” – “what do you like or dislike about x, y z?”

Survey your target audience and clients regularly to ensure you are fine-tuning your services and products and providing what is really needed.

#5 Ask for more business

Rather than go looking for new clients all the time, look at how you can provide more value to your existing ones.

It’s easier to sell to your existing clients… and you’re establishing yourself as person who offers great value and help, whilst ensuring your clients have access to some truly useful, amazing content.

Activating the power of asking is something that takes practice. It not only will enrich your business but is also something you can extend to your family and home life too… and you’ll be surprised at how soon you become an expert at asking… and how quickly you will see results!

How easy do you find it to ask for what you want in your business? Have you found a great way of using one of the strategies above?

If asking has been an issue for you, what one strategy will you be using to move yourself forward? Why not share your insights and advice in the comments box below.