When you first start out in business it’s natural that you’ll be doing everything yourself, as funds are usually tight and ideas, products and services are still in the developmental stage.

However, once your business is established, it can be difficult to change from the “I must do everything” mindset… and it can seriously be affecting your business.

Your business will thrive if you spend your time working on those things you are good at – those things that make your business uniquely yours!

If you’re currently snowed under with support tasks like administration, support work, invoicing clients and organising or filing things… unfortunately, you’re working in your business. You’ve hired yourself as the secretary, administrative assistant, bookkeeper… and probably the office and home cleaner too.

To give your business the best chance of success, you need to be working on those key tasks that directly relate to the growth and development of your business… you need to be working on your business.

So how do you get out of this trap?

Start delegating.

Look to delegate those support jobs that are taking up your time – hire a bookkeeper, administrative assistant or a virtual assistant (VA)… and hire a cleaner for your business and your home!

Look to take on someone to look after your social media sites, websites and your marketing.

In the short term, especially early on in your business, this may seem to be eating into your business profits.

If however, you then spend the time you’ve saved working directly on your business, focusing on those things that generate revenue – your business, your bank balance – and most importantly, your clients – will thank you in the long run.

Have you been putting off hiring support staff for your business? What one action step can you take today to change that?

Did your business drastically improve when you started focusing on working in your business – and after you started delegating tasks? Please comment below to share your thoughts or post your commitment to action.