Business and life in general, is always changing and evolving. You only have to look at the growth and decline of the different social media platforms we use, to see that the landscape is constantly changing… and your business and personal success depends on your willingness to adapt to those changes.

So, how flexible are you in business? How about in your personal life? Are you willing to bend or worried you’ll break?

The benefits of being flexible are two-fold; it gives you the ability to see the changes that are happening around you and also enables you to take the action needed to make alterations to suit.

Whether your clients are flocking to the newest social media platform, you need to adapt your prices and/or products, your children are leaving home or you are in the process of moving home… being flexible is the key to your business and personal success.

Learn to listen

Listening is a key part of learning to be flexible – especially in business. Listen to what your customers are saying, pay attention to the trends in your particular niche and be open to new ideas.

Do you have a strategy in place to get customer feedback? Do you follow the latest news and innovations happening in your business?

If you don’t have a way of getting essential feedback from your customers, you are missing a valuable opportunity to improve your business and create new products. Listening to your market allows you to easily change your business model, create new offerings and be open to new ideas.

Keep an open mind

Being flexible in business also involves keeping an open mind. Once you have the input of your customers and those around you, you then have to be open to new possibilities. Ask how something can be worked out or solved, rather than sticking to what you know.

Ask ‘what if?’ or ‘how can this work?’ rather than ‘I can’t’.

Keeping an open mind is also a great way of moving forwards yourself. Regularly pushing yourself from your comfort zone allows you to grow and evolve… both as an individual and a business person.

Be willing to act

Flexibility may be the key, but it will get you nowhere if you are unwilling to act. Be willing to adjust and work on what needs changing; compile an action plan to implement the changes you need to make… and then take action.

The ability to flex, both in business and your personal life, will help to ensure you continue to grow and expand. It enables you to be proactive, rather than reactive… and will ensure both your business and personal successes are firmly in your own hands.

Are you flexible in both business and your personal life? Was one easier for you than the other? What strategies do you have in place to ensure you always remain flexible? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below