Little man has been asleep for 3 hours with one arm out of his swaddle. This is a seemingly tiny thing… but I know after one arm, comes two, after two comes the ability to roll around in his cot and make himself comfortable, which ultimately leads to less wake ups for me.

As little man works towards mobility, he beautifully illustrates how important it is to celebrate those small achievements… whether they are personal or business related.

It doesn’t matter how small the steps are!

Whether you are established in business or just starting out, it’s important to remember that no matter how small the steps are that you take, they are still taking you in the right direction and are therefore worth acknowledging and celebrating.

By celebrating the small things, you also give yourself permission to set smaller, more achievable goals. That doesn’t mean you can’t – or shouldn’t – aim high, but it does mean that you can ensure you set a realistic timescale on your goals… with plenty of smaller steps to achieve along the way.

This has the added bonus of helping you to feel more motivated, whilst also keeping your focus firmly on the positive things in your personal and work life.

Celebrating doesn’t have to involve spending money!

It’s worth remembering that celebrating doesn’t have to involve spending money either, so don’t use a lack of funds as a measure for whether you can or can’t celebrate. You may want to acknowledge your achievement by working on a new project or creative endeavour for an hour or two.

Sometimes an hour free to read a book, or half an hour for a quiet bath by candlelight, is so much more treasured than anything money can buy… especially if you’re a business woman and mother!

To get into the mindset of celebrating, it is worth compiling a list of different things you can do to celebrate. Use different price-points and time limits, so you can pick an item that is in keeping with the size of the achievement.

You can then refer to it for inspiration, once you have completed a task or action plan. So get creative with your celebratory choices.

One goal at a time…!

I know it won’t take little man too long before he achieves movement around his cot… and it will be the same for you and your business.

You may currently have a goal to achieve just one additional subscriber on your email list each day.

The next achievement might be them buying a $27 product from you.

Your ultimate long term goal may then be that client staying with you for at least five years, spending $15,000 with you on mentoring… but it all starts with the one small thing. So don’t wait for those big end goals to be achieved… celebrate the smaller things along the way.

This week I invite you to think about ways you can celebrate your small business achievements. What cool little things happened for you today and how will you celebrate?

Spread the joy! Why not share your achievement and your celebration method, in a comment below.