Keeping Your Garden Growing | Do you know your own numbers?

When your business is small and starting to grow, you are the most important person in it and the driving force behind it.  You are the custodian of the vision.  And however well you communicate that vision, you still need to be available to give it life, feed it, tend it, and nurture it, to [...]

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The Power of Your Big Why – Leaving Your Legacy

For those of you who have recently kept the company of a 3 or 4 year old child, you’ll know the constant asking of “why….but why?!” can get under your skin. But, there’s wisdom in the child’s curiosity. In business, it is essential we make time to stop, tap into that ‘inner child curiosity’ and [...]

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What makes men get out of bed in the morning?

Are men and women driven by different things? Is it true that we are hard-wired differently, and motivated differently? Pina De Rosa, who has been studying men (lads, she's had you under the microscope!) for 7 years, thinks the answer is yes! And if this is true, can undertsanding the difference between men and women [...]

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