3 Steps For Productive Remote Working

One of the real benefits of running your lifestyle business is the ability to choose to work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection... either mobile broadband or accessible Wi-Fi connection Places such as... Caravans Coffee shops Libraries Beach In-flight Sitting poolside or lakeside Parks I’m sure you get the idea...? But, unlike working in [...]

By |20.09.2012|

Design your Ultimate Lifestyle | Creating Passive Income Streams

Do you have a plan for generating income for your business in future months or years? Are you trading time for money in the work you do for clients? One of the topics I talk about a lot with business owners who want to design their ultimate lifestyle is the importance of having passive income [...]

By |10.05.2012|

4 Top Tips To Breathe Fresh Life into Your Business

Here’s 4 top tips to spruce up your business. De-clutter Your Office Take some time out of your day to go through your desk and your paperwork and be ruthless!  Get rid of everything which does not support your burgeoning business. Grow a Plant Growing something from seed, nurturing the green shoots into life, tending [...]

By |28.04.2011|

My sister, Kath Clarke of Frank Food and Me on Melbourne Radio

I'm just so proud of my sister, Kath Clarke. She was interviewed today on Joy FM in Melbourne on a spot called "Cravings". The topic? Food memories. She has a TV spot coming up soon on Channel 10 too. Watch out for this little superstar. She's gonna go big real soon! Listen to [...]

By |12.03.2011|

Home from the Cruise…

Wow!  What a cruise that was! Greg and I spent 6 days cruising from New York to The Bahamas, sipping cocktails, dancing till dawn and hanging out with some of our MDM clients from Australia and our 7 Figure Speaking System clients from the UK.  It’s always so much fun to hang out with our [...]

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