One of the real benefits of running your lifestyle business is the ability to choose to work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection… either mobile broadband or accessible Wi-Fi connection

Places such as…

  • Caravans
  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries
  • Beach
  • In-flight
  • Sitting poolside or lakeside
  • Parks

I’m sure you get the idea…?

But, unlike working in your own home or office, when you’re working from your mobile office, you’re highly likely to be amongst other people… strangers mostly.

And these different surroundings bring new distractions, considerations and reasons to lose focus too.

So I thought today it would be handy to write a blog to list out my 3 main considerations for productive remote working.

Here goes with my top 3 remote working productivity tips…

Remote Working Tip #1: Be aware of your surroundings
If the work you’re doing involves having audio playing from your laptop, the other people sharing your space won’t be quite so enamoured with your soundtrack.

Remember to use headphones so those in the area around you aren’t disturbed.

It’s good to have lots of space to spread your papers across the desk too, but if you’re in a busy area with limited seating, it’s not good manners to take an 8-seater space just for yourself… choose a smaller space that won’t infringe on others’ sharing the space with you

Remote Working Tip #2: Reduce your distractions
Ah, this one is more for your benefit, but public areas contain loads of distractions… and if you’re like most people, you’ll find it all too easy to fritter your time away with people watching, chit-chatting with your nearest neighbour or a bit of daydreaming!

So my recommendation would be to switch off email, Facebook, Twitter and any other program you don’t actually need to complete your work… just focus yourself on what you have to get done.

One way to keep your focus is to begin with a clear plan for the outcomes you want to achieve.

I’d suggest writing yourself a to-do list of all the tasks you want to have completed by the end of the session.

You could also wear earphones (with or without sound being emitted through them) to ward off those ‘kind-hearted souls’ in your vicinity who try to initiate conversation with you.

Remote Working Tip #3: Don’t take advantage
I often spend time working in my local Starbucks and I’m sure you’ll have seen plenty of lifestyle business owners working away at their laptops too when you’ve been inside any kind of coffee shop or cafe.

But you know, It amazes me sometimes that people will base themselves in a coffee shop, buy a coffee when they arrive… and eke it out until they leave several hours later!

I don’t recommend you follow that money saving strategy though.

Put yourself in the owner’s shoes… remember, they have to make a living too… if you’re using a table that could be seating other paying customers, and you’re getting the benefit of his heat (or air-con) and lighting… it’s only fair that you buy a drink every couple of hours or so.

And if you’re there over the lunch period… grab yourself a sandwich or snack too.

What do you find helps… and depletes your remote working productivity? How do other remote workers irritate you when you have to share their space?

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with our community… or funny stories from when you’ve been working in public spaces and things haven’t gone to plan? Please share them with us in the comments area below… I love hearing from you