Reading through my Facebook newsfeed the other evening, I saw a definite theme of life-shifting happening in the lives of my friends right now – powerful changes and relocations.

As I sat there enjoying the updates, it got me thinking. You joined my Lifestyle community to learn how to create a lifestyle business that fits around you and your life purpose.

Now, you may not yet be at the stage of being able to live YOUR dream life right now, but, are you taking enough steps forwards towards manifesting your dream lifestyle business?

Are you grabbing the BIG opportunities that could lead to you reaching your BIG goal quickly?

Or is your unwillingness to take risks keeping you stuck right where you are?

Let me explain… when I work with clients, they will often tell me “I’m ready for success Jo”, or “this year I’m going to hit that big income goal I set myself” – but when an opportunity comes around that requires them to take a BIG leap forwards – they start talking themselves out of it;

  • “I’m not going to be able to cope with the extra work”
  • “I don’t have the money!”
  • “That won’t work!”

They shrink back from the opportunity and find 99 reasons why NOT… instead of looking for the one positive reason to say YES.

Are you taking BIG steps towards your lifestyle business goals?

If you can recognize this trait in yourself, believe me… you are not on your own. As humans we’re not genetically designed to take huge leaps forwards. We’re babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers before we become adults… making slow but consistent progress along the ladder of life.

As an entrepreneur, this slow progress, softly-softly, ladder model of thinking will limit your success. It’ll keep you stuck right where you are now, or afford you only very s-l-o-w progress.

Taking big steps means you making gutsy decisions. But seeing as you’ve left behind a “safe” job to become a Lifestyle Business Owner, you’ve already taken one plucky giant leap forwards. So you and I both know that you have it within you.

You CAN think big!

As an entrepreneur, your results and your ability to live your dream lifestyle needs you to not only THINK big… but to take big ACTION too!

In Richard Branson’s autobiography, he tells the story of how they sold tickets on Virgin Airline’s first flights… even before he had figured out where he was going to get a plane from!

The point is… he saw a big opportunity and grabbed it – BEFORE he knew how he could deliver on, or fulfil his promise. He did get a plane, and the flight went ahead. The rest as they say is history.

He stepped up and said yes. Are you?

When you are presented with a fantastic opportunity that serves your goal and is aligned with your core mission, and you step up and say “YES”, because you believe you CAN, you’ll often find that the universe will present you with a plan to make it happen.

Once you truly believe you can do something, and you set the intention to actually get out there and do it… your awareness becomes heightened.

You won’t have to look too hard for the solutions you need, as suddenly they’ll appear right in front of you… consider it your gift from the universe for stepping up.

So what BIG action are you going to commit to this week? Will you…

  • Increase your prices?
  • Contact that potential client who you’d love to work with?
  • Hire that Coach or Mentor that you know could improve your business results?
  • Hire your first employee?

Be bold… make that leap. State your intention and declare your commitment… invite the universe to deliver your gift of solutions.

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