It’s easy to see where you need to take leaps of faith in your business, especially when it comes to software and expertise. These leaps may cost you money, but they’ll save you time and energy.

It’s an easy decision; an easy investment, where you can see the benefits you will gain as a result. But are you investing in the most important commodity of your business… you?

Maybe you have an opportunity to work with your ideal mentor, someone who will give you answers to your questions and leave you with a plan to create high-end programs and products. You may have a chance to attend a seminar that will help raise your business to the next level and onto a six figure income.

But if the thought of spending that amount of money on yourself is breaking you out in a cold sweat, how can you move forward?

Concentrate on the potential

Instead of looking at how much it will cost you, look at what it can do for your business. Will it enable you to earn more in the future? Will the initial outlay be recouped? How many times over will it pay for itself? Train your mind to focus on the potential benefits.

Don’t think of the cost

Focusing on the physical cost of the investment will create resistance. Instead, decide if it’s what you and your business need to either move forward or expand. Is it something you will gain from… and not just in monetary return, but in saved hours and stress?

You’re worth investing in

Any investment made in you is an investment well made. It’s an investment into your future, and your career as a whole and remember… all information learned cannot then be taken away. Whether you’re paying for a course, seminar or mentoring, it’s all money well spent… in experience and knowledge.

Ask yourself the right question

Make sure you are asking questions that open your mind, rather than closing it. Instead of asking yourself, “is it too much?” retrain your mind to ask, “what’s it worth?” This will enable your mind to be open to the possibilities, rather than focusing on the physical cost.

It will allow you to invest in something really essential to your business success… YOU!

How big an investment are you making in your most valuable commodity? What have you purchased lately that has taken you out of your comfort zone… but with hindsight was the best investment you made? Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts.