Hi friends!

This week Greg and I are down in Tasmania staying with my Mum and Step-father at Lewisham.  The view from where I’m typing this today is absolutely spectacular- out over the water and looking back towards Mt Wellington.  The sun is streaming in the window and earlier today I enjoyed just lying down on the grass and doing the crossword in the local paper.  Mum will be distraught when she gets home and sees that I’ve finished it- we usually do it together.  By the way does anyone know a six letter word for pig-like animals starting with T?

We had our Presentation Profits Intensive event in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago and boy- we haven’t stopped since. It was a raving success! Everyone had a great time and walked out with their presentations ready to go, it was phenomenal.

Check out our awesome staff and crew from the event in the picture below. They all worked really hard to make the event the success that it was. Thanks guys!

Joanna Martin and Presentation Profits Crew 2009

I’m looking forward to a relaxing Easter this weekend here in Tassie with Greg and my family.

I wish you all a very safe and happy Easter break.

Joey xx