We are in business to make our difference but we also want to be rewarded for our efforts; we strive for a sizeable income to provide a better lifestyle for our kids, enjoy more holidays, and make an investment or whatever you would do if your income was to significantly increase.

I invite you now to stop for a minute and think about the last time you experienced a sizeable financial gain in your life; whether it was a new contract you won in your business, an inheritance, a savings pot or any other gain.

What happened to the money?
Chasing MoneyYou see, all of us have a relationship with money…good and bad…but your money mindset determines how much wealth you attract into your life.

Let me explain…

Some people save their money, always thinking about the ‘rainy days’ and no matter how much money they have, there is always a sum saved somewhere ‘just in case’.

These people have a positive money mindset; choosing to keep hold of as much as they can for as long as possible. They have a good relationship with money.

Yet others can’t spend their money quickly enough…their investments could be positive such as reinvesting in their business or they may be lavishing their loved ones with ‘objects’ such as new cars or holidays. Nevertheless they don’t keep money in their bank for very long.

The reason I am telling you this is because in order to fulfil your desire for the ultimate lifestyle, you must develop a positive money mindset. If you hold any negative attitudes towards money, you are subconsciously repelling wealth and may never realise your financial freedom.

“If I desire abundance, why am I repelling it when it happens?”

Self limiting beliefs:
Woman ThinkingSometimes we can grow up with a “them and us” experience of wealth that can affect how you view your personal wealth as an adult.

If you’ve ever heard comments such as “he/she is flash” or “they think they’re better because they live in a big house” you can be left with the impression that rich = negative.

So what happens when you start to accumulate wealth is that you feel a sense of guilt and worry people will think you’re not a nice person…so you spend the money.

You won’t be aware you’re acting this way but you might be wondering why you are earning good money but still struggle to pay bills each month. It is your negative money mindset that is driving this behaviour.

Like any self limiting beliefs you have the choice whether to allow them to continue hurting you or not. I wrote a blog earlier this year around self limiting beliefs and I’d urge you to remind yourself how you can overcome these blockages and take action to do so.

If you are striving for financial freedom but finding that wealth generation is a challenge in your lifestyle journey, you may need to work on your money mindset before you will be able to grant yourself permission to attract the financial stability you desire.