The Odious Off Day

So world… what do you do when you have an off day?   Remarkably today I was up at a reasonable hour, I met with my Personal Trainer, Steph, who thrashed me around on the beach for a while, came home and had a shower and a good breakie… all the hallmarks of a good day [...]

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The Improbability of You & Me

I was at a business seminar a few weeks back in Bali. It was run by Roger Hamilton, chairman of the XL Results Foundation,and a very intelligent man. It’s been a while since I went to a seminar with NEW information.. so that was awesome. I learnt a lot, but I have to say there [...]

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Heroes of Our Day

Hey gang,   Well I’m back in Melbourne after a fabulous visit to family in Tassie.  I love that state.  And anyone who hasn’t been to Tassie simply has to get off their bots and go.  It truly is stunning… but maybe I’m  a bit biased because the temperature was more than 18º C every [...]

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Why a man can put up with anything

Just a quickie today. I know I said I'd write about improbability... but I have to share one tiny observation. You see, being in Tassie, I spent the day with my Dad today. He has been living in a half completed house for about 3 years... but the man has vision! Its going to be [...]

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Why my Mum beats Self-Help Any Day of the Week!

Hi all! Today I am in Tasmania… my home state. It is my Mum’s birthday, and I have enjoyed the most delightful day celebrating with my family. They are all mad as cut snakes… so of course I feel right at home. My family make me look relatively normal.   It’s interesting… my Mum is [...]

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