Just a quickie today.

I know I said I’d write about improbability… but I have to share one tiny observation. You see, being in Tassie, I spent the day with my Dad today.

He has been living in a half completed house for about 3 years… but the man has vision! Its going to be the height of Japanese Zen when its done… the water from the infloor spa, reflecting off hot tub in the deck, bouncing down to the dam in front, and thence down to the river. Right now there’s crap everywhere and the dam is a big hole in the front yard that doesn’t hold water… But he is happy as a happy thing because he has his vision.

So my lesson for the day: fulfilment is proportional to your certainty of vision. And according to me Dad, bigger is definitely better. Crazy, but I love him!!

have a great day!

J x