Choosing who you spend time with is so important for your success. How many times have you felt totally inspired by a great new business idea, shared it with a close friend or relative… only for them to turn around and pour scorn all over it?

That’s why it is really powerful to surround yourself with a bunch of supportive people who;

a) totally get you, really care about your success and

b) are at the same level as you (or higher) in terms of your thinking. It enables you to support each other

I hear so many stories from my clients who have allowed negative naysayers to cause them to doubt themselves… and it breaks my heart.

Quite often, the most critical people are those who haven’t fulfilled their own dreams, so they are transferring their own limiting beliefs and perception of reality onto you.

As a business owner, you MUST be careful who you listen to. When you’re on the receiving end of criticism, ask yourself these questions;

  • Are they living their life of purpose as a business owner?
  • Have they reached the same level of success (or higher!) as you?
  • Could they be transferring their feelings of resentment over the direction of their own life onto you… so their negative feedback is designed to keep from gaining the success they desperately wish for themselves?

However, constructive feedback is ESSENTIAL to your personal and business development… when it comes from a genuine desire to see you succeed.

How to give negative feedback

You may find yourself being asked to provide feedback to one of your peers, so here’s my tips on how to deliver constructive feedback in a heartfelt way…

Express it as your personal opinion, but don’t devalue your feedback by apologising for it.

Start and end the feedback on a positive note. Opening the discussion by sharing something that you love, puts the recipient into a good mental space… and will help them to be receptive to hearing any negative feedback you have to share

When you reveal what you feel could be improved upon, don’t focus on what went wrong. Offer suggestions for how it could be better instead… turn it into a learning opportunity. Be specific.

Finish the conversation on a positive note, by sharing your strongest commendation of what you felt went well overall.

How to receive negative feedback:

Keep quiet, listen and absorb the offered feedback 

Don’t become defensive or try and justify your behaviours… keep your mind open and really hear what is being said. After all, this is a learning opportunity for you to help you grow your business.

If you didn’t understand something in their feedback, ask for clarification so you can fully take it on board.

Thank the person for taking the time to offer feedback, and then go away and process their advice. What can you take away? Is this something you can work on yourself? Have you developed bad habits that may need external support to overcome?

So who are you listening to? Are you hanging out with people who will support your success? Or people trying to drag you down?

Make sure you have a really great team of peers and mentors around you. These are the guys who have your best interests at heart, want you to succeed, and will hold you accountable to grow to the standard that you want to reach.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of negative feedback? Was it justified? Have you seen a correlation between the people you hang out with and the level of your business growth? Leave me a comment and share your story below